Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got the Blues

We just finished this adorable little frame for The Marking Samplar's reproduction of the "Lavinia Merritt Young" sampler. This sampler is worked in just one color of Crescent Colour's Belle Soie silk, and it is just 5 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches high on 40 count fabric. Mom loves alphabet samplers, and this one is very pretty in shades of blue.

The frame style we chose here is Hartford, and the color is Hamilton Blue. The graining pattern is new - and we call it Whisk. It actually took a couple of tries to come up with a grain that complements this delicate sampler without overwhelming it! (Now I have a blue birdseye grained frame to stitch something for.)

We're within a few weeks of releasing the website. The design for the welcome page is stitched, framed, and photographed, and the logo is nearing completion. After a bit of housekeeping and polishing, we expect to be ready to go!

We were also pleased to again be featured in Attic Needlework's August 14th newsletter. Two of our frames appear about two-thirds of the way through the newsletter - one framing Needlemade Design's "A Best Christmas Blessing", and the other framing Carriage House Sampling's "Spot the Horse". We're delighted with the way they turned out!

Stay tuned for much-anticipated news on our web-launch and more!

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  1. Very pretty. Blue is my favorite color so I especially like how this one turned out.