Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lots of new things!

We've been busy here and have lots of new things to share with you!

We have been naming each of our frame styles after a town or place that has some significance in American history, and our most recent addition is Saratoga. The frame is available in any size, with or without the chain. The molding itself is about 1 inch wide. We've chosen the primitive finish for these two chain-frames. Both of these have the red color peeking through, but the frame is equally gorgeous in other colors. The first shows off one of Carriage House Designs 'Tavern Signs' lovingly and beautifully stitched by Jean Lea. We think it's perfect!

The next design is a Priscilla's Pocket original. While researching Saratoga, we learned about the Battle of Saratoga, which was a major turning point in the American Revolutionary War. It was here that General John Burgoyne and the British forces were surrounded and defeated in a month long series of events highlighted by two battles in September and October 1777. Word of Burgoyne's defeat reached Benjamin Franklin in Versailles in December, and two days later, King Louis XVI assented to negotiations for an alliance. France declared war on Britain one month later. In honor of this critical point in our history, we decided to graph the quilt pattern, 'Burgoyne Surrounded' to accompany our Saratoga frame. We are in the process of learning the printing and production process and as soon as we do, it will be released for sale.

Next is a brand new graining style, we've got a couple of name ideas for this one, but so far Carriage Tracks is winning out. It's shown here framing Lizzie Kate's Time for God, again stitched beautifully by Jean Lea in Belle Soie silks and on Lakeside Linen. This is such a darling design, and the frame complements it beautifully, don't you think?

For Christmas, we framed this photo for my brother-in-law, who is the ultimate Chicago Cubs fan: He loves it! It's fun to see how the grains look on richer, brighter colors, and can really show off the artwork or photo.

Closing today with a little view of our Thanksgiving and Christmas this past year, from making pancakes, to tree decorating, to riding the Komodo Dragon (statue!) at the Phoenix Zoo. Lots of fun was had by all!

Thanks for visiting!